About The Artist


Sumayyah Petrus has always had a love and passion for art, in all its different forms and mediums. As a young child, her mother recalls that they “didn’t have much but always some colors, modest art supplies and paper.” Needless to say, Sumayyah grew up loving art and experienced with clay, beads, textile, watercolor and acrylic. In 2007, she started nurturing her passion by enrolling in a series of classes and workshops in different cities in the United States and Canada; she took watercolor, pottery, basket weaving, quilting, knitting and crochet. 


In 2012, Sumayyah uncovered a deep appreciation and love for Islamic Art and went on several artistic trips to Morocco, Spain, Indonesia and Malaysia. In Indonesia, she was also acquainted with the country’s Wayang heritage, a form of puppet theatre art.

After appreciating Islamic Art throughout her travels, Sumayyah started to seriously fine-tune her brush. In May 2017, Sumayyah finally fulfilled a dream of studying with the prestigious Art of Islamic Pattern school on a study trip to Istanbul, Turkey, where she perfected her art and was introduced to other forms of Islamic Art.


Parallel to her travels and passion for art, Sumayyah has successfully graduated from McGill University in Environmental  Engineering in 2006. She has also completed her CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) from Cambridge and has taught English as a second language to people around the world. 
Sumayyah is on a mission to spread beauty by sharing Islamic Geometric Art and Mandala Art to the world, through her teaching and painting.